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The WANDERLUST COLLECTION has been launched! This collection is inspired by our four adventurous friends: Megan Cline, Anna Vaughan, Carolyn Monke, and Kimberly Stabenow. These ladies have embarked on life-changing travels and Moth Oddities is honored to be sharing their stories for the next two months on the blog. Check back every #wanderwednesday to see their stories unfold. The Wanderlust Collection itself consists of 60+ travel-inspired clothing pieces and accessories - All recycled and many vintage!



Megan Cline

Megan is staying in Ne'Na Contemporary Art Space in Chiang Mai as an artist in residence doing sculpture and other types of artwork. Proceeding from her artist residency, Megan will travel on to Cambodia where she will stay at an elephant sanctuary - working with and taking care of elephants. 

Megan is pictured wearing the Blooming Midi Dress from the Wanderlust Collection. Shop all items HERE


Anna Vaughan

Anna is traveling throughout India to further her study of yoga and her connectedness to the world around her. She is staying at the Kranti Yoga School on Patnem Beach in Goa, India where she is attending the 200 hour yoga teacher training program. From India, she will travel on to Nepal to explore the Everest base camp and gain more experience as a professional hiker. Anna will end her travels in Montana where she will be working at a lodge as yoga instructor and trail guide.

Anna is pictured wearing the Leaf Ring from the Wanderlust Collection. Shop all items HERE


Carolyn Monke

Carolyn is currently exploring the US of A by car. She and her boyfriend Matt are on this journey to see as much of this beautiful country as they can. So far they has been to Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas. Their next stops are Utah, Arizona, Las Vegas, California, Washington, Oregon and Montana. 

Carolyn is pictured wearing the Terracotta Beanie from the Wanderlust Collection. Shop all items HERE


Kimberly Stabenow

Kim is a graphic designer, craft maker and yoga lover. She will soon be attending the 200 hour teacher training program in Goa, India to continue her yoga study. After Goa, Kim will head to Jaipur, India to join a volunteer program called Work With Elephants India where she will care for the animals and further immerse herself into the Indian culture. 

Kim is pictured wearing the Rose Ombre Dress from the Wanderlust Collection. Shop all items HERE


Our new Wanderlust Collection inspired us to think bigger! Now you can also receive items wherever you are on this great big Earth. Enjoy our new GLOBAL SHIPPING policy. Get your Moth Oddities and Midwest art all over the world.


We can't wait to go on our next adventure. In the meantime, living vicariously through Megan, Anna, Carolyn and Kim will have to do :) If you could choose anywhere to have your Wanderlust adventure, where would you travel to?  

Thanks for reading and safe travels!

- Ian, Moth Oddities

Travelers & Models:

Anna VaughanKimberly StabenowCarolyn Monke and Megan Cline 
Photography, Clothing and Styling: Moth Oddities