On the Road with Kassidy & Clancy

We're switching it up on the blog today! Our pals Kassidy & Clancy recently embarked on an epic road trip down the east coast, all the way to the Florida Keys. They brought a bundle of Moth Oddities vintage with them to adorn themselves during their adventures. Upon their return home we interviewed them on their travels. Kassidy & Clancy let us in on some of the fun experiences they had, including staying at a variety of camping destinations along the way via Hipcamp. Read on to learn more!

Tell us about your road trip!

Kassidy: We went on a 3 week trip all over the east coast! We stayed in Kansas, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and New Jersey. 

Clancy: We went through many national forests along the way, and got to take backroads throughout our route. This was awesome because it allowed us to explore local shops and see what each state was actually like.

What were your main reasons for going on this trip?

Kassidy: It all started because Clancy wanted to visit the Keys to celebrate her birthday! We started looking into how we could actually make it happen and one of the options was to partner with Hipcamp and it developed from there. Hipcamp is a platform for booking campsites and similar accommodations -- we ended up working with small and medium size private farms, residences and a ranch. We then thought of looping Moth Oddities in to make sure we were looking fly during our travels! 

Clancy: Haha, yes, it all started with a birthday wish and grew into something absolutely spectacular. Kassidy and I love exploring. Luckily, we travel extremely well together and share the same goals. We want to explore and learn about the country we call home. What better way than a road trip?

Where was your favorite spot to visit?

Kassidy: It’s crazy to say out loud, because I usually give it a lot of grief, but my favorite place was Florida! Especially staying in this adorable vintage 'glamping' trailer.

Clancy: I fell in love with the Blue Ridge Parkway. It connects the Chattahoochee River, the Nantahala River, the Smoky Mountains, and Pisgah National Forest. An absolutely breathtaking drive, and there’s an abundance of great trails!

Favorite places to eat?

Kassidy: Woodlawn Cycle Cafe and their accompanying shops in Birmingham, AL is an absolute must! Beautiful design, great coffee and friendly staff.

Clancy: Croissants de France in Key West, FL was the perfect morning treat. Great lattes, amazing pastries, and a comforting atmosphere to enjoy your morning on Duval street.

Favorite activities?

Kassidy: Kayaking in John Pennekamp State Park was one of the highlights for me. 

Clancy: Swimming, swimming, swimming! It’s been awhile since I’ve been in the water, and it felt great.

What are a few items that you wouldn’t travel without?

Kassidy: My basic travel gear consists of tent, sleeping bag, emergency kit, cook kit, headlamp and boots. For this trip, my cameras and laptop were essential since I was shooting photo work. Aside from those things, I always have a journal and watercolors, and I love bringing along my Eno hammock when I can spare the space.

Clancy: I always have my camera, backpack, and hiking boots. I also make sure to have sunscreen, a flashlight, and mace. Protect yourself!

Have you found ways to be frugal while traveling? If so, what tips do you have?

Definitely! Here are a few things to consider when planning a trip:

1. Tap your resources. Ask family and friends to host you for a night or two. Buy a pack of thank you cards and write a quick personalized note before you head out. It’s a simple gesture but is an easy way to show your gratitude for their hospitality.

2. Set a realistic daily allowance and stick to it. This needs to cover all the things you’ll buy that aren’t included in your other budget categories (like gas, lodging, etc.). You should be thinking about the things you’ll buy regularly, like ice for the cooler, coffee, snacks, and daily activities that aren’t booked in advance. 

3. CAMP! Camping is so much cheaper than booking hotels or motels. You can reserve sites on Hipcamp for around $20 in most places and stay in some truly special places. Most offer some amenities or even structures to sleep in, which is great if you’re less into roughing it. 

Why is travel so important to you?

Kassidy: I don’t really know how to explain it honestly... I get a mental itch when I’m stuck in one place too long. I thrive off of being in motion. I literally love the process of traveling. I like how travel, and backcountry backpacking in particular, brings you back to your basic needs -- food, water, shelter, warmth -- and how those needs bring you into the present moment. I also think it’s important because it may be the single most powerful way to become a more compassionate and trusting person. I try to approach everything with kindness. This has led me to some really incredible experiences that were only possible because a stranger and I approached one another with empathy and put our trust in one another. Travel has this amazing way of renewing my faith in humanity.

Clancy: Oh my goodness, Kassidy’s last line! Every time I travel, I leave home with the feeling of overwhelming anxiety and sadness, and return home with a brand new light. The open road, meeting individuals who have lived a completely different life than me, sparks a flame that reminds me how wonderful a world we live in.

What was the most enlightening experience you had during the road trip?

Clancy: One that stands out to me is our hike up Calloway Peak in Pisgah National Forest. We did the strenuous trail with a pace at two miles an hour. Since moving back to the east coast, I’ve been fortunate enough to start hiking again, and this trail proved to me that I’ve made a lot of progress and can handle larger adventures in the future.

What was the most rewarding experience you had during the road trip?

Kassidy: Proving to myself that I can do it, that I shouldn't be scared of the world, and that my body will take me to amazing places. This is what makes me want to go do it all again.

Clancy: Getting to partner with Moth Oddities and Hipcamp! Honestly, it transformed this trip for us and made it so much more. We learned a lot, got to meet incredible people, and created content that we’re really proud of. We’re forever grateful for our experience and we couldn’t of done it without you!  

Well, that's a wrap from our interview with Kassidy & Clancy! Hope you enjoyed reading about their adventure. How beautiful are the photos they snapped? They really brought new life to the Moth Oddities vintage apparel. BEST PART? You can shop the road trip collection below! Snag your favs for your next adventure!

Thanks for reading!
Xo - Yana & Ian, Moth Oddities

Photography: Kassidy Renee Paige
Model: Caroline Clancy Brady
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