Lake Shore Lady + Ali B. Photography

Our last stop on the Moth Oddities road trip was Chicago, IL! During our stay we had the pleasure of working with my good friend Ali Burgoon who I met during college while studying abroad in Florence, Italy. Ali took beautiful travel photos during our adventures throughout Europe and after returning home her passion for photography went from hobby to full-on side job!

She now photographs engagement sessions, family portraits, event celebrations and fashion sets for local bloggers, including one of my all-time favorite bloggers from the Chicago area, Lauren Nolan of Lake Shore Lady!

We were so excited to hear that Lauren was into the idea of modeling some of our new spring & summer items like this vintage floral midi skirt and these vintage umbrella beach shorts

With her fabulous styling skills she brought a whole new light to our vintage items and made them look so fresh and contemporary!

We had a great time working with Lauren and Ali. We learned a lot from observing how these two work together. 

Professional, open-minded, quick and confident, they got these beautiful shots within minutes! We can't wait to collaborate with them again next time we come through Chicago :)

Excited for warmer weather? What is your favorite spring style? Comment below!

Thanks for reading!
- XO Yana, Moth Oddities