Foucault's Pendulum

Did you know Yana's parents (John Pietras and Michaela Mahady) own Pegasus Studio Inc., a company that specializes in architectural glass and mixed-media sculpture?! They have designed a variety of amazing projects over the years including a recent installation of a large-scale Foucault Pendulum in the grand lobby of the Hunt Corporation in Dallas, TX. We had the honor of visiting the building and photographing the project during our drive through the Lone Star State!


The Foucault's Pendulum has a 21' diameter. The floor medallion is made of marble, granite, brass and stainless steel with a 15' diameter superstructure of painted steel, bronze, stainless steel, and glass. The reception desk behind the pendulum is made of ebony and cherry wood with bronze details and marble top.

Hunt's Foucault Pendulum is a beautiful balance of science and art. The polished 240-pound weight, called a bob, is suspended from a wire to freely swing from a fixed point in the lobby ceiling.

As the bob is observed over time it appears to rotate in a circular motion, but it is the Earth's rotation under the swinging bob that is revealed. The pegs it knocks down allow observers to track the Earth's rotation.

Learn more about the Foucault Pendulum project on the Pegasus Studio Inc. website

Thanks for reading!
- Ian, Moth Oddities