Kick off Fashion Week MN at FASHION FORWARD, a pay-it-forward event with Hardt Jewelry and Moth Oddities!

Enjoy complimentary drinks and bites from The Freehouse and The Loop while connecting with the local creative community and browsing our current collections, tailored specifically for Fashion Week. We will feature event-worthy vintage and handmade garments from Moth Oddities, as well as signature jewelry designs by Hardt Jewelry. 

PLUS - Fashion Forward will be a clothing donation drive and fundraising event! Each guest is encouraged to bring a grocery bag of gently used clothing that will be donated to The Link, a local organization that provides support for at-risk youth in the Twin Cities.

The Link plays a large part in helping the lives of many young adults in our Twin Cities community, and by partnering with them we hope to raise awareness for their cause. 2,500 youth and young adults are homeless each night in Minnesota. The Link addresses this large scale issue through their Housing programs by providing support to 3,300 at-risk youth and young adults each year. It is their mission to bring inner strength to these individuals through life skills, education, advocacy, supportive housing, and a dynamic network of social services to transform lives. The Link’s Safe Harbor program houses youth who have been victims of sex trafficking. These victims are offered support specific to sexual exploitation, including mental health therapy, health care services, and a survivor mentor program.

You can show your support by attending Fashion Forward and donating a bag of gently used clothing. 1 Bag = 1 Person clothed! Our goal for the night is to collect 100 bags of clothes. Help us achieve this goal and make a difference for at-risk youth in the Twin-Cities.

Wondering what specific donations are best? The Link's Youth Housing program is in need of youth interview and professional clothing such as gently worn sweaters, pants, tops and shoes of various sizes for both females and males. These items will help the youth prepare for interviews at schools. The Link's Safe Harbor program is in need of comfortable and casual youth clothing such as t-shirts, jersey knit pants, and pajamas of various sizes for both females and males. 

Attendees who donate will receive a 15% OFF coupon to use at Hardt Jewelry and Moth Oddities the night of the event! 10% of all clothing purchases made the night of the event will also be donated to The Link and 10% of all jewelry purchases made that night of the event will be donated to Reclaim, an local organization dedicated to LGBTQ youth causes.

Join us for on Friday for a celebration of style and community, the Twin Cities way!