Megan Cline


Location: Logan Square, Chicago, IL
What inspires you? Pretty much anything that has a life cycle and is in the process of withering away, whether it is the paint chipping off of a fence, or wrinkling skin.
How do you support local art and design? I try to go to as many art fairs and local gallery openings as possible!
Last Concert Attended: Coco Rosie
Most Recent Get-Away: I went to Michigan for a two-week artist program called Ox Bow. I learned how to glass blow and befriended a giant snapping turtle named Samson.
Favorite Local Hang-Outs: The Boiler Room for their pb&j special (pizza, beer & jameson) and their alcohol infused ice cream.
Other Talents and Interests: I’m an expert at baking pie.
Life Motto: Just Do It - Nike