Konnie & Peter of bent.


Location: Minneapolis, MN
What inspires you? Everything, but mostly from the weird and the uncommon. People, animals, food, the thought of death and what I couldn’t do if I wasn’t around, funny movies and art.
How do you support local art and design? Networking, collaboration and promoting each other.
Most Recent Get-Away: Canada
Favorite Local Hang-Outs: Wildwood Sports Bar and Grill Rochester, MN
Other Talents and Interests: Konnie: drawing, painting, designing, pattern drafting and draping, anything that allows me to utilize my creativity. // Peter: It often takes me time to get motivated but when I do whatever I’m doing I try to keep things interesting, taking pictures, eating food, watching people, hanging out with friends…then I find a way to be creative. 
Life Motto: Konnie: Get the fuck out of bed. // Peter: Life’s a Garden, Dig it. 

Instagram: @bent_mpls