Anne Lenhardt Koebele


Location: North Loop, MPLS 
Day Job: Hardt Jewelry Owner/Designer
What inspires you?: Can be anything from textures, scenery, lines, architecture, moods… 
How do you support local art and design?: I try to buy and support local artists and makers as much as possible. I love to find unique, local pieces that aren’t mass produced in the larger markets… it feels more special, and I know I’m giving back to our local community. 
Last Concert Attended: Brandi Carlile- Varsity Theatre
Most Recent Get-Away: San Fran with my lovely partner, Trish
Favorite Local Hang-Outs: I love my North Loop neighborhood… you most likely will find me at Fulton or Freehouse.
Other Talents and Interests: Yoga, biking, reading
Life Motto: We’re all in this together…