Anna Chambers-Goldberg


Location: North Loop, Warehouse district, Minneapolis, MN
Description of Artwork: I design and make handmade clothing using vintage, hand-dyed, and upcycled materials. My palette is inspired by the colors and textures of Minneapolis, with a contemporary artistic aesthetic.
What were your thoughts and reasoning for this piece? This particular line, exclusive to Moth Oddities, highlights vintage and re-purposed fabrics made into fresh, contemporary garments. The focus is to re-invigorate these colors and patterns from the past with modern design; intentionally low-waste and sustainable.
What inspires you: I am constantly inspired by my surroundings. Nature, architecture, art and design from all directions – a very diverse pool of visual elements. I often pick a palette from a select combination of sources representing a theme, then create pieces using that as a guide. In this case I am using my collection of fabrics itself as the guide, designing pieces that compliment them.
How do you support local art and design: As a local artist I have a large community of artists and art-lovers who all feed off of each other’s passions. I feel that the social climate of Minneapolis provides so much support for all makers, and we love to show support for one another. Specifically we love to buy and trade for each other’s work!
Last Concert Attended: Chastity Brown
Most Recent Get-Away: Family weekend at my mom’s with my sister, my brother, and his little family. 
Favorite Local Hang-Outs: Mayday Café, Matt’s Bar, Powderhorn Park, Cedar Lake
Other Talents or Interests: I love baking bread, making weird furniture, road trips, and chillin with the homies
Life Motto: Love is all there is