Alexander Doud


Location: Uptown, Minneapolis MN
Day Job: CEO of The Synaptic Design Company, a Minneapolis fusion design and engineering firm focused on solutions in user interface design and software engineering in medicine and medical education.
What inspires you: Biggy Smalls
How do you support local art and design: Usually with an easel or comparable strength wooden structure. I try to avoid nails or screws tacked into my wall (#renting) but do use them in a pinch. Sometimes sculptures can be free standing or be placed on a small lighted pedestal but I would probably ask the artist first.
Last Concert Attended: Silvan Esso
Other Talents or Interests: Medicine, acrobatics, swing dancing and Biomedical Engineering. I like to work on technology to control robots with thought commands.
Life Motto: Remake the world every day as you would see it, and do your best to see it kindly, for people weave the fabric of reality.