Deviled Easter Eggs

Spring has sprung and Easter is right around the corner! This time of year brings warm weather and warm colors into our lives and that's cause for celebration. What's more festive than dying Easter eggs with friends and whipping up a quick, affordable, and delicious appetizer for the weekend celebrations ahead? This deviled egg recipe is my family's time-tested tradition and our go-to for Easter Sunday feasts. Let's get started...

1. Dye Easter Eggs

With the help of a half dozen eggs, traditional PAAS egg dye, and the crafty minds of our great friends Kevnea and Adam, we transformed our plain white eggs into beautiful and colorful Easter eggs! Or as Ian likes to think of them, full-fledged DRAGON EGGS, in preparation for the upcoming season premier of Game Of Thrones :) This year we added white vinegar to the dye before dipping the eggs. It is said that the vinegar makes the colored dye more vibrant. #success!

2. Peel Eggs

Now it's time to start the edible part! Carefully remove the shells from the eggs.

3. Halve Eggs

With your peeled eggs, use a knife to cut them in half. 

4. Mix Deviled Egg Filling

After you've halved the eggs, carefully squeeze the hard-boiled yolks into a mixing bowl. Once all of the yolks are in the bowl, start adding in the additional ingredients to create the deviled egg filing. For our filling, we used mayonnaise, sweet pickle relish and dijon mustard. Combine these ingredients with all of the yolks and mix until smooth. 

5. Add Filling to Egg Halves

When transferring the filling into the empty egg halves be careful to not overflow them. I opted to use a small sugar spoon to ladle small amounts at a time into each egg white. After filling each egg to the appropriate amount, garnish with capers and a pinch of paprika. The capers add a salty bite to the deviled eggs, while the paprika spice contributes a mild, earthy taste that both looks and tastes great.

6. Decorate Plate with Fresh Greens

Once our deviled eggs were finished, we decorated the plate with fresh greens to add a pop of color to the platter. 

All done! We can't wait to share these delicious Deviled Easter Eggs with our family and friends on Sunday. Feel free to try out the recipe and let us know what you think. What are your family traditions for Easter time? Share in a comment below!

Happy Easter!

- XO Yana, Moth Oddities